Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Book Signing

     Hi, hope all is well.  Well I'm writing to tell you about the newest book signing which will be held at the Willoughby Hills library on Rt. 6 (Chardon Rd) right off of Rt. 91 and across from the fire house.

     The cool thing will be all of the well known authors appearing at the Author Expo.  Les Roberts, Dick Goddard, Michael Heaton, Neal Zircher and Dan Couhglin among others.  We'll all be there Saturday, September 21st, from 11:00am to 3:00 pm.

     Besides selling and signing three of my recent books (My Batman, Globe Spanners and Galaxy Clan) I will be passing out color flyers from my new book which will be released in November, "The Camelot Memo," which has to do with the real people behind the Kennedy murder.  Of course it's a fiction novel

     Also another great thing is that I'm advertised with the other stars and I don't get lumped under the "And More" monicker.  I must be getting luckier or writing better. 

     Take care, hope to see you in a few days and adopt a comic book today.

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