Monday, September 16, 2013

Kids and Dad and Dimes

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  I was thinking about all of the kids and kid groups in comics and realized that so many of them came from the mind of comics great, Jack Kirby.  There were Boy Commandoes, Newsboy Legion, Boy's Ranch, Witch Boy, Boy Explorers, Moonboy...well, you get the idea, a lot of slam bang action comics with kids as the main heroes.

     But concerning kids in the comics, I must admit I don't have many more memories than those mentioned above.  But as a KID collecting comics, well that's a whole different matter.  You see, not a week went by that my Dad didn't take me to the local drugstore holding my hand, ready to place a few precious dimes into my free palm, creating even more precious memories way down the road into my childhood future that is now my present.

     My Dad and I still talk about those happy times quite a bit and to this day, I still have all of the comics that he gave me or bought for me way back then.  So really, in effect I can say that as a kid, I wanted for nothing, not dimes, not affection, not comics and especially

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