Friday, June 21, 2013

Superman, Bombs and More

     Hi everyone, having a good day I hope.  First off, boy did I have fun  signing autographs last Saturday at the Captains game.  My hand was sore from siging, "Many Thanks, Chris Lambert" so many times.

     Next, everyone has GOT to buy the new Superman Unleashed comic.  It's got the greatest ending for a comic I've seen in a while.

     Lastly, I got messed up grocery shopping today when a bomb scare closed Giant Eagle this afternoon.  Boy how I wished that I was Superman for about ten minutes so I could tell the police, "Coming through, I'm not worried in the least."  Instead I ran to the local convenience store and got hot dog buns there.  I'm a writer with a great imagination, but I'm not stupid.

Heading out now for an early birthday (it's actually tomorrow) dinner with my buddies.  So I have to go.  But remember to adopt a comic book today...and then give it to me, after all it would make a great birthday present you know.

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