Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Father's Day & Comics

     Hi everyone.  Hope you're doing fine.

     Now some might say it's that time of year when we all (as children) honor and think about (as well as hang out with, if possible) our wonderful Dad's.  Those same people might call that time of year June 16th, 2013, others...Father's Day.  You know what I call it?  I call it just another day since to me, EVERYDAY is Father's Day.  Because I can't place my best buddy (also known as Dad) on a higher pedestal than I do 365 days a year.  To me he is the best Dad, nay, he is indeed, with apologies to boxer, Ali, The Greatest.

     He taught me how to read when I was three years old.  He gave me his old comics and bought me new ones and started me off on that wonderful hobby of comic collecting.  He also took care of me, supported me, chased away any fears and tears from childhood and lifted my spirits high as a child.  But mainly he made me laugh.

     But last week he fell and broke his hip (at the age of 84) and from my relatives that live near him in North Carolina, is in a fair amount of pain.

     So I called him earlier and gave him what I consider the greatest gift in the world...I made him laugh, the same way he made me laugh and smile and uplifted my spirits throughout my entire life.  And I plan to call him later and make him laugh some more.

     But that's when it hit me.  This can't be called Father's Day, instead this should be referred to as "Chris's Day", my day, because I'll be receiving the best gift ever...I'll be hearing my Dad's voice.

     Dedicated to all the Dad's, still here as well as those passed on, and adopt a comic book today.   

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