Monday, May 13, 2013

Superman Up, I'm Down

     Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well.  I was very happy to see the News-Herald publish a two page article yesterday that I wrote.  It's actually part of a three part series over the next few weeks.  I must thank my editor Cheryl for passing on the pitch, while thanking editor Mark for actually placing it in his section.

     Tomorrow I think we're having a Superman podcast from the News-Herald, but I must first find out the time, will blog in the morning to let you know.

     Then right after the podcast I must get ready to go to the hospital, my heart that I had repaired a year and a half ago, is once more on the fritz.  But I'll be blogging right up to that time and as soon as I get my four-color legs back (the same as "sea legs" only with comic books) underneath me, I'll be blogging again when I get home after a day or three.

     I'll be reading some Superman comics right up to that point because, what the heck, this time is meant for his 75th birthday celebration and mine is coming up also, soooo, I'll be reading some Superman comics to get ready for surgery.

     Take care and adopt a comic book (and some nice thoughts for your favorite comic blogger) today.


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