Friday, May 31, 2013

Superman and Friends

     Hi everyone, hope you're doing fine.  Now I know that (according to the title of today's blog) Superman has lot's of friends.  Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Lois and Lana, the mermaid, Lori Lemaris and the list goes on and on.

     But because of Superman, I met writer Harlan Ellison, Julie Schwartz and Superman artist/inker, Murphy Anderson and I actually got to work on a comic book project together.  Artist Curt Swan and I became friendly at the end of his life and I treasure the phone calls he made to me and am sad that I lost his last note to me before his passing.

      I also got to meet and become friendly with Brad Ricca, local Supes expert and I enjoy talking with him every time we're on a panel together.  So with all these wonderful people I've met through Superman, does that in an indirect way, make me a surrogate Pete Ross (another of Supe's friends) to which I mean a friend of The Man of Steel?

     Maybe that means I'll get my own comic book entitled, "Superman's Pal, Chris Lambert"

     Watch for part two of my trilogy of Superman articles in the News-Herald, this Sunday and don't forget to adopt a comic today.

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