Monday, May 27, 2013

Comic Con and Memorial Day

     Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing fine.  Yesterday I had the time of my life as I sat and met some wonderful people and some old friends.  I signed a bunch of autographs and had a swell time although I got very tired from sitting so long.  My heart is still bruised from my recent operation and I've only been out of the hospital a week or so and once the convention was over I beat it home to take a nap.

     Today I woke up and enjoyed myself as I hope all of you are doing also.  Had a cook-in with the family and read some comics...that's right, it's what makes my world a happier one and I'll be talking to you about some more Superman stuff soon.

     Well, gotta go and call my Dad, (He was in the Korean War) so I might wish him a great Memorial Day and tell him I'm so glad he made it back from the war.  He was the one that started me on my life-long journey through the world of comics.

     So take care and adopt a comic today.

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