Friday, May 3, 2013

A Signing and a "Pining"

     Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well.  Today I'm going to talk about my Free Comic Book Day signings I'm doing tomorrow around the various comic shops.  But there's sometimes regret and that's where the meloncholy "pining" comes in.

     I always have fun signing autographs  and meeting with people but a lot of times I wish my mother who passed away 30 years ago this September, would have lived to see some of the accolades I have recieved over the last three decades or so.  Also, my Dad who is still alive, lives far far away and is really too frail to come up and visit, let alone come and sit with me as I dip into my "fifteen minutes of fame," as Andy Warhol stated long ago.  The few other blood relatives I have, also live too far away to enjoy the experience with me.  So I guess writing IS a lonely profession, or at least signing autographs are.

     But I will be at Comic Heaven located on Robinhood Dr. in Willoughby from 11:00 am to 2:30.  Then I'll be at Comics and Friends located INSIDE the Great Lakes Mall (right next to Macy's) from 3:00 pm tp 7:00 pm. on May 4th (tomorrow) which is Free Comic Day.

     Take care and adopt a (free) comic today (and tomorrow).

     PS: Maybe I'll call my Dad long distance during my first signing and let him hear the things he's been missing with his best pal (that's me) all of these years.

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