Thursday, April 4, 2013

Super Day, Super Pets

     Hi everyone.  I had a great day yesterday.  I was at the News-Herald for awhile talking about some articles I wrote.  I then stopped at Lakeland and recieved some accolades from some Profs that read my recent novels, even treating me to dinner they were so happy.  This offset all of the hospital junk I went through Monday.  So it was a great day.

     It also brightened up the sixth anniversary of having to put my little dog Ripley to sleep after 17 straight years (since she was six weeks old, with only eight days away for a vacation) together.  With her little pawas around my neck and licking my face, I held the hand that pushed down the plunger sending her to doggie heaven.

     But after the nice day I had yesterday, I went home and read the Superman comic that re-united The Man of Steel with Krypto, the super dog, who had been with Superman almost all of his life.  The last several pages showed the pair romping together through space and enjoying each other's company. 

     I read the scene several times, thought of my years spent with Ripley, and then....fought the urge to cry for the rest of the day.

     Take care, kiss or hug your pet and adopt a comic book today.

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