Monday, April 1, 2013

A New Spiderman?

     Hi everyone.  Does everyone still have the Easter egg hangover filled with too much ham and such?  Not me, I just got out of the hospital where the doctor found "something" in my heart (as in a new very minor problem) but nothing major.  That makes me happy but why the title of this blog?

     That's because of the isotopes they put in my veins causing one friend to refer to me as "Spiderman," because like the old song, "He's got radioactive blood."  To which I can only add and parody, "Look out, there goes a once spry man!"  Believe me, if you sing the song the joke fits perfectly.

     And keep reading because I've got lots of new thoughts, tips and comic talk coming up soooooo, Comics:don't get me started!

     Take care and adopt a comic book today!

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