Monday, March 4, 2013

Yellow Matters

     Hi everyone.  Aand like tody's title, yes, to me yellow does matter (no, I'm not talking about the Beatles yellow matters as  in..."dripping from a **** dog's eye, from "I am the Walrus).  I'm talking about going to the local diner and they always have ketchup out awaiting your burger, but mustard, nooooooo.  To me, that 's the yellow that matters.

     How does that relate to comics?  Well yellow happens to be the weakness of Green Lantern.  Well at least at one time it did, there have been at least three or four re-boots in the last decade so I have to check my notes.  The original GL from WWII had a weakness of wood.  So that explains the old joke of how you take out two Green Lanterns at once.  You use a yellow #2 pencil.  Let's LOL.

     I'd carry on a little more, but I'm writing this on a laptop in a diner and I'm looking for that yellow condiment.  Hmmm, this service doesn't seem to "cut the mustard."

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