Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Odds of March and Green

     Hi everyone, hope you had a relatively nice St. Patrick's Day.  Also last Friday was the 15th of March, or as Ceasar was warned, The "Ides of March."  But I like to think of some of the strange comics that were released over the years and call it the "Odds of March."

     Super Chief was an odd one.  He was an indian chief during the 1800's that wore a bison head as a cowl and he indeed did have super powers.  His strip only ran three issues.

     One version of Captain Marvel was where he yelled "split!"  Indeed, his body split into four and every quarter went after the bad guy.  This too lasted thankfully a brief time.  I'll take the Cap that yelled "Shazam" every time.

     Brother Power, the Geek was one of the oddest.  A man sized rag doll that was somehow brought to life by hippies (this was 1968-69) and this thing went out to do good.  Two issues later, it wasn't.

     But let's not forget the Green.  Coinciding with St. Patties day, there seemed to be a lot of green super heroes.  Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Green Lama, Green Hornet.  But you get the picture.

     In fact, I'm guessing that some of those "odd" heroes, were almost "green" with envy over the careers that these "Lawn-Colored Lawmen" had.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.


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