Friday, March 29, 2013

Nuclear Bad Guys

     Hi everyone, ready for Easter?  Today I'm wondering if any of you comic fans remember Nuklo, the radioactive bad guy from the Avengers Giant Size series?  There's also the Radioactive Man who was putting up his glowing dukes against the same Avengers way back in #6.  These are just a couple of them.

     I'm thinking of these bad guys right now since I'm going to get radioactivity blasted into my heart on Monday to check my heart that is still giving me a minor, minor, minor concern.  I'll be running on a treadmill while docs take pics of my arteries.

     Hey, that reminds me of other superheroes and such...the Flash's Cosmic Readmill that he uses for time travel.  Holy Cow, if I run to fast, maybe I'll transport myself back to the past...where I'll take better care of my health to start with.

     Take care, keep your fingers crossed and remember to adopt a comic book today. 

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