Friday, March 22, 2013

More Dead Robins

     Hi everyone.  Not long ago, I appeared on a radio show from the Great Lakes mall, as I do once a month to talk about pop culture, comics and movies.  The last time I appeared, the subject of Batman came up.  I talked about the death of Damien, the illegetimate son of Batman with Talia, the daughter of Rahs Al Ghul.  This birthing event originated in a very obscure graphic novel from 30 years ago entitled, "Son of the Demon."  But with comic book time being what it is, Damien was only nine years old or so when he re-appeared and then bit the dust.

     Now this is the second Robin that Batman has lost, the first that is actually his son!  When will this guy start going solo and reduce the risk to all of the kids in capes around him?  Now I know why they call them "Robin Red Breasts," from all the beatings and shootings and stabbings they've had to endure while in the care of Batman.

     Well, take care and don't forget to adopt a comic book today.

     Signed, Chris, never to become Robin, the blogger.

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