Monday, February 25, 2013

Comic Book Oscars

     Hi everyone, enjoy the Oscars?  Well they were in the comics too, sort of.

     The world of comics came up with a awards ceremony years ago, just like the Oscars.  Recently there was the Eisner and Kurtzman awards.  Both were named after certified TALENTS in the industry.  But these names were only decided on because The Kirby awards (named after Jack, a true giant in the field) became tainted when different factions fought over the direction of the awards.

     But the original awards were the Shazam awards from the early to mid-70's.  They were an extension of the ACBA (Academy of Comic Book Art).  Stan Lee was the president for a short while, but I came in (as a non-professional, amateur status) during Neal Adams' tenure as Prez.  I went to a few meetings, but the organization became part attempt to unionize and soon disbanded.

     But for a while there, the voice rang out (and then appeared in comics letters pages soon after) "And the Shazam goes to..."

Take care and adopt a comic book today.

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