Monday, January 28, 2013

E-Meeting For Comics

     Hi everyone.  Today I'm going to chat about something slightly different.  You see, last night (Sunday) I met with several new and old artists that work with me on many of my comic and book projects for dinner at Peties diner at Shoregate Shopping Center.

     Artist, Rob S, Jenn W as well as publisher Tim W shared art and a meal with me.  Artists Jamie L and Becky T  and Scott S could not make it due to illness and prior committments.  But their artwork was displayed as I brought it to the meet and we all decided what should be printed for which projects and which drawings should be used for my website, The E-Comics Gazette.  Please check out the site, it's free and has lots of stories and drawings from older stories that have been archived.  It goes live on the first and fifteenth of every month.  It's indeed the "Magazine on your Monitor."

     Take care and remember to adopt a comic book today.  

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