Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Comic Resolutions

     Hi everyone, hope you had a SAFE and happy holiday last night and today.  Personally, I'm having a Twilight Zone comic book AND T.V. marathon hangover.  But besides watching the show and reading my stack of comics that were published by Dell Comics, I took out (have not got them framed yet) and admired my two original oil painting comic covers from the series.  Both were painted by the master of comic book idols, George Wilson.

     But now for my resolution.  No, I'm NOT going to start treating my comics nicer, since I already do that.  I'm going to take the lessons I've learned from reading years of comics, the writing of such RESOLUTE characters as they face danger, the firm RESOLVE drawn onto the heroe's faces as they advance towards the uncertain and I'm going to use those emotions and feelings and ply them a little more towards the things I face in my own daily activities.  No, there won't be any super villains that I'll have to go up against and use these lessons on, just a much bigger and more difficult entity, one called...LIFE.

     With the lessons I've learned from comics and my other many experiences, I"m betting I'm going to win.

     HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  And don't forget to adopt a comic book this year.

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