Monday, December 17, 2012

Comic X-Mas Party

     Hi everyone, I hope everyone is maybe getting a handle on the spat of tragedies that keep popping up in our country.  I handled the situation by spending my time with friends.  And since I was invited to a local comic shop for a party...well, anything to forget the sadness of the the past few (and my heart indeed goes out to those families with loss) days.

     I spent a few hours last night eating (yes a catered affair!) and meeting new people and old friends at Comic Heaven.  I will be doing a book signing there on this upcoming Saturday, but was quite pleased when I recieved the invite last week.  Rigatoni was my food of choice and as the tables and chairs quickly filled up, I fought the urge to lean against and set my plate down on the top of the back issue comic bins.  Nooooo, what a sin that would be, even though all of the comics are covered in plastic.

     I'd like to see more of these types of things around the calender.  Call them comic book clubs with snacks.  But stop by Comic Heaven Sat. Dec. 22nd, from 4-7 pm.  This will be the last book signing of the year for my Batman book, which will be marked down $2 for a last minute Christmas sale, "My Batman (and maybe yours too!)  Hope to see you and I really hope there is food.

     Take care and adopt a comic book today.

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