Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Late Vet Day & Comics

     Hi everyone, just a late comment on Veteran's day.

     1)My older brother Terry, served in Viet Nam and wound up a Colonel in the Air Force.  He collected comics and still talks about them with me.

     2) My Dad was a Lt. (JG 3rd grade) in the Navy during Korea.  He collected comics and got me started.  We still talk about them.

     3) My Dad's cousin Roy, served in the Navy during WWII.  Before shipping out to the Pacific, he bought my Dad a stack of comics and a soda and spent the afternoon with him.  He died weeks later when his ship was sunk in the Pacific Theatre.  My father still talks about the last afternoon with his relative.

     4) My Dad's Uncle Niles, served in WWII as a B-17 bomber pilot and wound up a Brigadier General.  He did not collect comics only because they had not been invented yet when he was a child.

     So many vets in my family and throughout everything, comics have been, for the most part, a friendly distraction before, during and after the conflicts that have shaped our world.

     Take care and adopt a comic (and hug a vet) today.

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