Monday, November 12, 2012

Comic Con and Bats

     Hi everyone, I had a freat weekend attending the Akron Comic Convention.  The reason I went was for all of the Batman writers and artists that were attatched to the Dark Knight throughout their career.

     I met artists Joe Staton and Norm Breyfogle.  I'm lucky enough to own a piece of Norm's original art.  In fact the piece in question was shown at the News-Herald Bat book debut a few weeks back.  Norm was so touched he insisted on buying a copy of the book and asking me to autograph it.

     I also met Mike Barr, who wrote Batman in Brave and Bold comics from the 70's and early 80's.  Also attending was Gerry Conway who wrote some of my favorite Batman periods as well as creating the Punisher and killing Gwen Stacy over at Marvel Comics.  Gerry also spent many years as a writer/producer on Law and Order- Criminal Intent, so yes I'm a big fan of Mr. Conway's.

     I also bought a small collection of comics over the weekend and found a prequel to one of my top three comics of all time.  More on this and my comics/Veteran's day memories soon.  Take care and adopt a comic today.

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