Monday, October 8, 2012

Comics and Donuts

     Hi everybody, and especially you coffee lovers out there.  After ten or fifteen years of not drinking coffee, I'm back at it again, not quite the java junkie I used to be, but I'm patially there.

     Usually on the way to comic book meetings I get some steaming joe and some donuts before I talk with my editor/proofreader.  That means I'm usually sitting around Dunkin Donuts (this is not a plug) for a half-hour going over notes and things before I head to the meeting.

     Of course there are so many get-togethers going on presently since my new Batman book is coming out next week and I'm spending a lot of time getting ready for it.

     Speaking of which, stop by the News-Herald building on October 17, from 7-9pm (next Wed) to hear a free lecture and win some free door prizes.  We're giving away three free copies of "My Batman (and maybe yours too)" and the function itself is also free.  And speaking of the title of this blog, there is even going to be some snacks available (and maybe some coffee too).

     Take care and adopt a comic (and some coffee or tea) today.

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