Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding's Over and Try New Show

     Hi everyone, the wedding I was involved in last week is over although there were still a few days of taking rental stuff back but as comic book day approachedthis week, I declared that my life was my own again.  And after all of the hunting I did to find the hall and caterer and such, I sat down and read a stack of Detective Comics, to celebrate my skills.

     Also just saw a new show on Bravo or Syfy or one of those networks about collection intervention (I believe that's the name of the show).  It was so painful to watch this one poor guy have to sell his "everything Catwoman" collection for both more space and some much needed dough to get out of debt.  As the camera showed some potential buyers go through his comics (as oppossed to his knick knacks and figurines) I said aloud, "got it, got it, got it."  Anyway, next week they are going to feature a segment that is all about a single person's entire comic collection that is chasing him out of the house because he has something like 30, 000 comics.  To that I say, "Only 30,000, What is he a beginner?"

Take care and adopt a comic today...just not 30,000.

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