Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Wedding in Comics and for Real

     Hi everyone, I'm going to be in a wedding this week for a relative of mine, so I'm leaving right after this posting to pick up my tux.  Of course this made me think about wedded super heroes and here are some of the more well known.

     Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four.  They've been married so long they have two kids.  It's good that Reed can stretch his body, the better to give both kids hugs at the same time.

     Ralph and Sue Dibny were sort of the "Nick and Nora Charles" of the super hero set.  Ralph too, could stretch, but they both died a short time back, that is unless DC's "New 52" brought them back to life.  I'll have to check on that one.

     Barry (The Flash) West and his wife Iris have also died, but I believe they are both back from the great beyond.  I'll have to catch up (pun intended) with my Flash reading and see.

     Well I've got to be running.  I'll post again Sunday to let you all know how the wedding and my hectic schedule went.  By then I'll probably be talking about exhausted super heroes.

     Take care and adopt a comic today. 

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