Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Comic Day and More Novelette

     I haven't looked at my comic haul from earlier today yet, but I did pick up for a friend the "Little Orphan Annie hardcover.  It's the only reprint that he's actively collecting whereas I'm killing myself with all the recent cool reprints from the past.  Well, I'd better sign off now, I've got John Byrne's "Trio" to read.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.


     The vehicle pulled over and stopped at a dark and seedy part of town.  Ken Smart hopped out of the front seat in his uniform and asked his friend, Adam to do the same.

     "What happens next?"  Adam looked around almost apprehensively.

     "I give you a test," began Ken.  He walked around the street and began pulling wads of money from an inner pocket. 

     "Free money, free money," shouted Ken as he tossed the cash to and fro.  "And this guy here has a lot more."  He pointed at Adam, standing beside the car in his costume.  He then turned and walked away.

     "What are you doing?"  Adam was almost pleading.

     "Seeing if you have what it takes, but don't worry, I'll be close by."

     Adam's eyes grew wide behind his mask as nearby shadows turned to real people that approached him slowly, menacingly and some with knives.


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