Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Byrne Comic and Comic Novel

     Hi everyone, today is comic book day and I'm looking forward to the new John Byrne comic book- "Trio."  It features a threesome known as "Rock, Paper Scissors."  Sounds interesting and I'll report back later.

Take care and adopt a comic today.


     Ken let the woman run by her and stood in front of the trio advancing on him.  The first attacker didn't even bother to say anything as he whipped out a large knife and thrust it towards the costumed hero.
     Ken ducked the sweeping blade and spun around with a kick to the man's side.  The hero smiled beneath his helmet as he figured the shock absorbing boots would deliver a decent ammount of painful energy to the man's rib area. 
     The next two attackers came at Ken together, one with his fists, the other with a small gun.  Ken lashed out with his gloved hand first to the man carrying the gun.  The thick, protective gloves worn by Ken were lined with an energy producing power surge upon contact.  It made it quite easy for a young man of regular size and build like Ken to take out perps twice his size.  It was no different with this one.  The man fell down moaning, clutching his gun hand in pain.

     The third attacker was easy.  Ken just turned, lowered his head and butted the man in the stomach with his protective helmet.  As the man lie on the ground, gasping for breath, Ken whipped out a small phone and dialed 911.  After relaying the location of the three men to the police, the operator asked his name.

     Ken thought a moment and blurted out- "Hero...Kid Hero."


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