Friday, May 4, 2012

More Free Comic Day & Comic Novelette

     Today's Friday and my new comics that I write just came off the presses last night.  I'm getting them packed up and ready for sale tomorrow.  Vampire Gazette #3 and Bystander Comics Presents #2 will make their debut at Comics and Friends May 5th, 2012.  I will be there with David Russell from noon-5pm signing autographs.  Hope to see you.


     Ken landed on his feet from the three story leap as softly as a cat would by jumping down from a chair onto the kitchen floor.  Well at least the shock absorbing boots worked.  He climbed into the car parked by the side of his mansion and began mentally going through the list of all the protective and attacking weapons he had built into the vehicle.  When he got to fifteen, he stopped counting.  He hit the ignition and pulled out onto the street.  The boy billionaire was on his way to fight crime, but as he drove down the street, he thought aloud to himself.
     "Hmm, what should my super hero name be?"

     He smiled to himself, thinking that maybe he should have considered a name before he got this far along into the process.


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