Monday, May 7, 2012

Free Comic Thoughts and Comic Novel

I was a guest at the Free Comic Day at Great Lakes Mall at the Comics and Friends store.  Had a great time and spent most of last Saturday signing autographs for my new Vampire Gazette comic.  My artist and friend David Russell signed with me.  I also got to see Sean Forney, an old artist friend of mine from Columbus.  Lots of friendly comic-oriented people to share comic stories with.  Funniest part was when a young teenager reminded me that "Big Bang Theory" has it's season finale this week. Comic geeks look out for each other.


     The 16 year old boy billionaire, Ken Smart, headed for downtown in his dark vehicle filled with multiple crime-fighting gadgets.  His all black uniform offered safety and and ease of movement once he tangled with the criminals that rose from their hiding places every night.

     A few minutes later, he was in one of the seedier sections of town and that's when he heard the scream.  He pulled his vehicle over to the curb and jumped out the driver's door in time to see a terrified woman race past her, three burly men hot on her heels.

     Through clenched teeth, he muttered aloud to himself,  "Well, here goes nothing."


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