Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Comics Anxiety & New Comic Novel

     It's new comic day and from what I've seen, there's really nothing coming out that I collect.  A true collector always walks the fine line between having enough to read each week and having very little so as to afford the stuff he gets weekly.  Arrrgh, what a quandry.


     The sixteen year old boy put down the book he was reading and placed it on top of a nearby box that was filled with other books of its kind...they were comic books.  Taking inspiration from some of his favorite stories contained within the pages of those brightly colored pamphlets, the young man walked to his closet and began changing clothes.  Within minutes he was enveloped in the dark kevlar, thick, shock absorbing boots, black cape, gloves and hard-shelled protective helmet.  Once dressed, he strode over to the open window of his third story bedroom.

     He then remembered two things which made him stop.  The first was his bank book that sat just a few feet to his right on the dresser.  There was suppossed to have been a direct deposit made from his internet business that he had created the previous year.  He leaned over and rifled through the pages.  Yes, there was still over a billion dollars in his account.

     "Good," he said aloud to his empty bedroom and to no one else.

     The other thing he forgot was the intercom.  He pressed the button and waited for a reply.  It responded quickly.

     "Yes, Ken?"  The voice was pleasant and female.

     "I'm going out to fight crime, Mom."

     "All right dear," came the reply.  "Please be careful, it's a little chilly out tonight."

     Smiling to himself, he dove through the open window and saw the ground come rushing up at him....         

                                                      TO BE CONTINUED
                                                       (every Mon-Wed-Fri.)

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