Tuesday, April 3, 2012


     Today I'd like to remind everyone of pets in comics, animals like Krypto, the Super dog, pet to both Superboy and man.  Streaky, Supergirl's cat and Blackie, the Blackhawk's pet hawk.  The list goes on and on but you get the idea, almost every hero had a (let's not forget Ace, the Bat Hound) pet in their lives, or every DC comics character that is.

     I bring up the subject to honor the 5th anniversary of the passing of my little Ripley, a female Mini-Schnauser.  I had her from the time she was 6 weeks old to the time she died at the age of 17.  She was my great pal.  She was right up there with my love of comics, family and...well you get the point.  And as far as how much I love comics, well...DON'T GET ME STARTED!

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

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