Saturday, December 31, 2011


     As the year ends and we look ahead to new things, especially in the world of comics, we should look back a moment to think of those who have left us.
     Joe Simon, who co-created Captain America, Boy Commandoes and so many others, is finally re-united with his partner, Jack Kirby, who passed away in 1994.

     Jerry Robinson, one of the early "ghosts" of Bob Kane on Batman, is now one himself.

     Gene Colan, a dear friend of mine, who used a pencil to create worlds of shadow and light, now stands once more beside his wife Adrienne, in a land of light, able to use eternity as his sketchpad.

     Eduardo Barreto, who drew for DC and was the artist on the Judge Parker comic strip, now stands beside a higher Judge than any other.

     Just a creative way to honor those who have passed and to relay my thoughts that...creations live forever, it's too bad that creators can't also.

     But we all have creative thoughts, even if many of us never write or draw comics.  So adopt AND hug a comic today.  Then don't forget to hug those who like them, read them or produce them as well as yourself.  After all, we're all worthy of happiness and love.

PS: Please don't drink and read a comic at the same time.

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