Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just a Few Days Left

     Christmas is almost here as commented on in the title.  Last time out I talked about what to get for your loved ones who love comics.  Now I've got to remind you about storage and protection.  Make sure you have the right size acid free boxes and bags and boards for your four-color babies.  You can find these supplies and more at...

Sports and More- (the "more" part is of course, comics) ask for Matt

Comic Heaven- ask for Kurt, Sean or Jim

Comics and Friends- (in the mall) ask for Joe or John

     I'm not saying any of the three stores are better than the other, I'm just suggesting these three since they are all within easy driving distance of the News-Herald and I've had enjoyable experiences in all of them.  Plus all three staffs are knowledgeable and helpful.  I'm not in the employment of any of them so this is not a commercial, just passing some info along to help your Christmas shopping needs.

PS: I talked to my Dad tonight for over an hour.  Guess what we talked about?  That's right...comics, so remember, comics: don't get me started, because I'll carry on half the night.

Take care and don't forget to adopt a comic.

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