Monday, November 14, 2011

Publishing Comics

     Yes, besides this blog about comics and the website about comics (not to mention the dozen years or so I wrote a column about comics in the News Herald, I actually do write comics.  No, not for DC or Marvel, but for small press independant companies.  Which is probably how most fans do their writing and publishing now.  But here's a breakdown on things you'll need if you're going to do any publishing on your own.

     Money- Oh yea, it takes it to make it, but nobody wants to do anything for free.  No spec scripts, no spec art and no cut of the pie after sales, so save lots of dough to get this thing off the ground.

     Artists- Somebody to draw them, it is a visual medium after all.  And then there's money because as we just got done stating on the lines above...

     Writers- You do need some even though everyone thinks they are one.  Someone to create scenarios and conversation between characters.  And don't forget the money

     Computer Guy- Someone to scan, fit and make camera ready everything you've written and drawn and make it all go right at the...

     Printer- A compamy or technology to print off 50 or 100 or thousands, whatever the case may be.

     Distribution- I guess the internet is good enough for right now, many creators even produce their wares to go strictly straight to the web (which I've done in the past, check out E-comics gazette) and don't forget the money.

     That's all for now, since I'm getting ready for a comic art auction from Texas.  More in a few days on how a heart operation should NOT have disrupted progress on my newest comics for sale and how two artists DID send me to the hospital.  For right now though...comics: don't get me started!

     Take care and adopt a comic today. 

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