Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Sorting Part 2

     Now that Halloween is over I can get back to tips on sorting your comic collection.  We've already been over types of books and sorting by company as well as type of boxes, but let's not forget shelving.  I have both metal shelving (that works pretty well) and wooden.
     If you go with wood, remember to get wide enough planks so that the comic boxes don't tip over and onto the floor.  That's already happened to me on more than one occasion with damage to only one comic thank goodness.  With either wood or metal shelves, if they are stacked so many high, make sure there is enough clearance between the top of the box lid and the shelf directly above, after all, you may want to remove a lid and peek into the box without removing the entire box from the shelf.

     Bags are also very important.  The good news about the current type of bags used are that they don't need to be replaced very often if at all.  In the old days every two to four years bags needed to be replaced so as not to turn yellow and gummy, thereby actually damaging the comic it was suppossed to help.  If you collect silver or golden age comics, give every book its own bag.  But newer ones can be stored two or three to a bag.  Remember, Robert Bell, one of the first dealers to sell comic bags back in the late 60's said it best, "If it's worth collecting, it's worth protecting."

     That's it for sorting and storing tips for now.  Maybe later in the month we'll approach this subject again.  Next up I'd like to talk about buying, selling and producing comics.  Of course these subjects I'll save for my next blog in a few days.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

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