Monday, October 31, 2011

Favorite Halloween Comic

     Now ther's lots of spooky comics that I collected like House of Mystery, The Witching Hour and Tower of Shadows to name a few.  But my alltime favorite Halloween comic was Secret Origins #5 from the mid 1980's.

     That issue featured the origin of an obscure DC character named...The Crimson Avenger who made his comic debut in October, 1938.  Writer Roy Thomas came up the the idea of having the Crimson Avenger attend a Halloween party of the rich and famous.

     But crooks heard a rumor about a radio program designed to scare the populace.  As the rich are listening to the "War of the World's" broadcast, the crooks barge in dressed like Martians.  Meanwhile the comic cuts away to Orson Welles directing the radio program in the sound booth.  Very clever indeed!  Coincidently in real life Welles had just passes away that month, but considering the cleverness of the script and the fact that it was drawn by my late friend, Gene Colan, to me this comic is the tops.

     Eat lots of candy, and adopt a comic today.

     PS: Boo!

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