Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birth, Death and Comics

     Did you know that just a few days ago was my sister Tamara's birthday.  Also a few days ago was the anniversary of my Mother's death, well over two decades ago.  Now my sister never cared much for comics and my Mom plain out hated (due to the fact that I had so many in my collection getting underfoot) them.  But they both tolerated my hobby.

     Now my Mother did live long enough to see my contribution to "Superman at Fifty" come out.  It was one of the first critical comparison books on superheroes since, "The Great Comic Book Heroes," by Jules Feiffer written during the 1960's and Jim Steranko's pair of comic history tomes in the 70's.  Too bad she did not live long enough to see my weekly column on comics (and later humor and movie reviews) that ran in the News Herald for almost a dozen years.  I think she would have gotten a kick out of seeing my picture in color on the front page of the "Life" section every Sunday and then later Friday.  I don't have a large family left so I have to say that I guess I'm now just writing for myself and for you readers out there.  And that's plenty enough for me.  Hope you're enjoying it.

     I can't remember if comics got me through the passing of my Mother, but my favorite hobby sure is getting me through this summer (and into fall) of near heart attacks and angioplasty operations.  The New DC is suprising me and I'm agitated (not good for the ol' ticker, mind you) as I wait from week to week for the next batch of new comics.

     Last week I thought Superman #1 was a tad rushed and jumbled, expected more from George Perez, but Blackhawk was better than I expected and Batman #1 was a good first issue.  Just so you don't think I'm a shill for DC, try "Cap and Bucky," a pretty good book from Marvel.  I've been so busy with the New DC that I've let my Marvel connections (about as fast as my health has been sliding) slide.

     Hope I bump into some of you readers out in the real world.  Of course we'll talk comics, but don't get me started!  That last bit was a humorous nod to the title of this column.  And don't forget, adopt a comic today.  

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