Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Out of Four's Not Bad

     Well I read the first four books of the new DC 52 release this week.  Justice League (which was actually from last week) was hands down great, but I must admit that this first story is looking like a multi-part story just to get the team introduced.

     Action #1, no not the original one which just sold for over a million bucks but volume two, featured Superman early in his career wearing a t-shirt and jeans to go with the cape and I must say I liked it enough that I'll be following this on for awhile even though I'm not the biggest Superman fan.

     No, my cup of tea has always been Batman which is why I was a little dismayed at the gore-fest served up in Detective #1.  Of course I'll have to contine following this title since it is Batman.

     Omac was a pleasant surprise going back to the book's Jack Kirby created roots with plenty of weirdness and odd concepts that Jack put forth 35 years ago.  I hope they keep Giffen and his Kirby-like layouts on the title, it helps keep the "Kirby feel" on this very good book.

     Next week comes some more new re-starts although I'm not sure any more of my orders come in until week three during September.

     Take care, as I sit here very pleased so far with DC's efforts, and adopt a comic today.

     PS: DC's made it very easy to adopt a comic this month, they're all number 1's.

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