Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally, An Ad!

     Well what do ya know, I saw my first ad for a comic book on television.  It's bad enough that there's nary an ad for regular books and best sellers on the tube, but I've never seen one for my favorite hobby until now.

     I would sat "It's about time," but I think that the very thing that has kept comics among the "disposible income" category up to now has kept advertisors away.  That is that there's not enough profit margin.  But now that most regular comics are three to four dollars each, well every network outlet should get on board.  I mean if dish soap (and believe me, I hold no grudge against dish soap since I use the product myself all the time) can be advertised on the tube, even to the point of generating programs called "soaps" yet sell for less than a normal comic, then I want to see more ads for those brightly colored pamphlets in print and on my t.v. set. 

     Who knows, Bat ads might rule the airwaves (Airwave by the way was the name of an old crimefighter in Detective Comics in the 1940's) and Spiderman circulars might be distributed in parking lots.  If nothing else, advertise the better selling graphic novels which do have a much higher profit margin for all of those involved.  Something for everyone.

     By the way, the ad I saw was for the New DC 52 #1's.  And so far I'm liking what I see through two and a half weeks.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.

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