Thursday, August 25, 2011


     Lately I've been getting into reprints of comics, you know trade paperback collections of stuff I either already have or things that I'm missing a part to and can read all in one sitting.  But mostly I've been reading a lot of comic strip reprints.

     Some of my favorites lately have been Dick Tracy, Buz Sawyer and the upcoming Johnny Hazard, all adventure or detective strips.  Yesterday (comic book day) my order of another strip reprint book came in.  Modesty Blaze was a collection of English comic strips gathered together in book form by Titan Publishing from England.  They also collect the James Bond strip which I collect.

     Collecting old comics has enough built in problems for the true collector, finding dealers with decent stock, the right price and the book in decent shape.  But strip collectors need all of that plus a run of 42-70 dailys and Sundays just to get one whole story.  So these collected long runs of comic strips are the greatest thing for a collector like myself.

     This new trend of collecting complete runs of popular strips started a few years back with the Complete Peanuts, that started the whole 50 year run of that great strip.  And yep, that's something else I collect.  But I guess if you've never seen or read the comic or the strip, it's not a reprint.

     Take care and adopt a comic today.  

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