Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going Once, Going Twice...

     Yes, that's right, according to the title of today's blog, I'm going to be involved in a high priced auction this week with the Heritage Auction House in Dallas, Texas.  Of course since this blog is about comics and not rare wine,coins or paintings, I'll be setting my sights on some comic related materials.

     Actually, since I have just about every comic book I ever wanted (and on my budget I guess I haven't wanted much) I'm going after original comic art.  You see, for every page of a comic book, there has been an original coinciding page of art that has been pencilled, inked and lettered.  So these items are literally one of a kind.

     Starting about twenty years ago I have been very lucky, predicting the trends and making purchases before the items of my choice got "hot" and the prices started soaring.  So I was winning one or two items per auction for about the first ten or twelve years.  But the last three or four I haven't been able to win "squat."  But I like trying and I've been lucky enough to be on Heritages' V.I.P. list for a while.

     The fun now is all about watching the auction live over the computer while being hooked up to my bidder via phone, as I see the auctioneer bellow out, "I have one seventy-five on the floor, do I have two hundred on the floor or on the phone?"

     That's when I give my bidder the verbal permission to stop or to continue, whereas I go back to looking at my monitor while conversing with my bidding agent on the floor.  So even though I haven't won anything in a while, it's still exciting and loads of fun.

     This Thursday I'm bidding on a painted cover to one of the old Space Family Robinson, Lost in Space comics from the 1960's.  The television show was based in part on this comic which featured art by a friend of mine, Dan Spiegle with painted covers by George Wilson.  I already have two of Wilson's "Twilight Zone" comics covers and reaaly love his stuff.  Stay tuned later this week to see how I did.  Gotta break this winless streak.

     Take care and don't forget to adopt a comic today.

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