Monday, July 18, 2011

Wounded Super Heroes

     No sooner do I start recovering from heart surgery than I'm rushed back to the ER with possible heart infection.  So I start to think, was there ever any wounded heroes in the comics?
     Batman's broken back comes to mind very quickly.  And if memory serves me the editors of Batman back in the 90's talked about a new real life drug that would help spinal cord injuries if administered quickly enough.  That news item actually pushed "The Breaking of the Bat" storyline forward.
     Green Arrow once got shot with one of his own arrows and believe me, the writers kept bringing up the twinges in the bowmans' arm for months.  Now that's reality.

     But wounded is also the way I feel when I can't sit down to write this blog because I'm always getting hauled off to the hospital.  So I've got to go now to get ready for tons of comic writing and blogging.  And don't forget, adopt a comic today.

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