Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Stuff I Heard...

     Continuing some thoughts and speculations on the comic industry that I began on my last blog, I must tell you that I overheard some startling news (if it's true) from some comic shop owners talking among themselves last week.  It seems that Warner (the company that owns DC Comics) is giving DC two years time to bolster sales on their comic lines or they will retain film rights only to all of the hot characters (Batman, Superman ect) and dump the publishing arm.

     Is this possibly why DC is revamping all of its books and re-starting with all new #1's?  Is this why Warner may be paying for better visibilty on the book racks at Barnes and Nobles?  Can DC continue to thrive on its own if cut off from the cash machine that is currently its parent company?  This one may take a few years to unravel.

     PS: Some new Retro books came out from DC yesterday, books done in the style of the 1970's by pro writers and artists that were working on those books over three decades ago.  So far my favorites are Batman, JLA and Green Lantern.  All books include a 70's reprint that ties in with the new story.  Good stuff and interesting concept.  Next month comes the retro 80's and 90's books.

     Stay cool in this heat and adopt a comic today.

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