Monday, July 25, 2011

Don't Look Now, But Barnes and Nobles...

     Yes, has anyone checked out Barnes and Nobles next to Great Lakes Mall lately?  It seems they've altered their magazine racks radically.  Before, the entertainment mags, rock and roll periodicals and the history issues were on the rack facing the front door as you first walk in.  But now the comics have taken over that sweet spot and with a marked difference from their old spot.

     You see, the comics which used to have three or four slots worth of display space on the rack behind Rolling Stone and the likes, now fills a very wide space of three or four feet.  This makes for easier shopping, especially since they now carry more product than before.

     Could this have something to do with DC's relaunch in the fall or Marvel's recent purchase by Disney?  Could Warner (owner of DC) and Disney be throwing their weight around to remind the shopping public that all of these blockbuster movies of late are coming from somewhere?

     Or could it be something else?  Check my next blog for a news leak I overheard.  Don't forget to adopt a comic today!

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