Friday, June 17, 2011

A Pretty Fair Fair

     Tonite I watched the Kirtland Strawberry Parade and went to the festival afterwards.  How does that relate to comics you might ask?  I thought of comic book festivals and of course conventions came to mind like the huge San Diego Con every July.  And since festivals are also sometimes thought of as fairs, I also thought of New York World's Fair Comics of which there were only two issues, 1939 and 1940. 

     These are two rare books which led to World's Best, a 15 cent cardboard cover comic that only lasted one single issue.  But that title then transformed into World's Finest Comics which featured Superman and Batman who both stayed in the book for over 300 issues and 40 some years.

     Now I have a complete run of that series since I love the book so much, but I'm wondering if I could eat 300 strawberry shortcakes from the Kirtland Festival.  Hmmm, check back with me next year and see how much weight I've gained.

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