Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Has DC Comics Lost Their Minds?

     It was just announced today from the DC Comics website as well as from the USA Today site, that DC is going to re-start it's entire comic line on Aug. 31st of this year.  Fifty-two titles all marked #1 will be hitting the stands.  Yikes!  Are they out of their minds?

     Does this mean everything goes back to the beginning?  If so, how will this affect storylines that have influenced the company for years such as death of Jason Todd, Superman's death and return, his marriage to Lois and the continual hacking off of Aquaman's hand.

     Oh this just irks me right now.  I love DC comics and their characters to death (Marvel having soured me on a lot of their product already) but why this?  I'd like to write more about this right now, but I'm so angry that all I can say is...DON'T GET ME STARTED!

     PS: This news item actually does deserve me invoking the title of the column, don't you agree?


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  2. Comics, better than any other medium, I believe, has shown us that while we don't want to let things die, they have to. Television shows run their course. Serial novels eventually come to an end. Comics keep on going. But, after 50+ years, the stories grow stale. The characters have been through every challenge imaginable. While continuing a story for 100+ years is a worthy goal, it doesn't work with their current format. They would need to change things, have characters that actually age and suffer the results of the trials they've been through and actions they've undertaken.