Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Few Good Comics

     Today is new comic day and I really enjoyed Superman/Batman which is nothing more than a modern day World's Finest.  It seems Batman is in trouble for something (don't want to give the whole plot away) and hot on his trail is Clark Kent---Reporter.  Hmm, looking forward to this three-parter.

    Ruse, an update on Sherlock Holmes that used to be published by Crossgen but is now under the Marvel banner, just finished its four part mini-series.  Although its cohesiveness falls just a bit short of the original series, creator/writer, Mark Waid, still gives us a pretty good story.

    Kirby Genesis #1 came out today and although I liked issue #0, the book seems to be intent on presenting so many of Kirby's unused concepts in so short a time that the book is already looking and feeling cluttered.  Pacing, gentlemen, we dont want the book to start resembling a (more recent) Grant Morrison comic.

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