Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finally, Kirby Gets Due

     After years of lawsuits, Disney, who owns Marvel Comics, finally decided to make the Kirby estate an offer to head off a trip to the Supreme Court.  The financial offer was not disclosed.

     I read the transcripts of the lower court hearings.  The lawyers for Marvel made everything seem like Jack, that as a freelancer who literally created or at least co-created every early character at Marvel, was nothing more than a pair of hands that dragged a pencil across a piece of paper on company demands.

     Yet the salaried "company" man, who worked out the stories with Jack, was none other than Stan Lee, who was on payroll and should not have been rewarded in anything other than his weekly paycheck, until his promotions kicked in, was rewarded with a contract about 15 years ago that gave him a deal that (according to the AP story) has benefitted him with over a hundred million dollars.

     Being a writer myself, I understand the unfairness of the "Work-for Hire" contract that most freelancers are forced to sign, so I'm happy for the family of Jack and Roz Kirby to finally get their financial recognition.  Oh, there's been recognition, especially after all of the hit Marvel movies lately have started with the credits, "Created by Stan lee and Jack Kirby."  But that line put absolutely no bread on the Kirby table at night.  So yes, it's good that the Kirby's are finally receiving the financial end of all those accolades. 

     Now you might say, "Jack and Roz have passed away, how does that help them?"  Well from the beginning, Jack stated over and over, that this legal battle was to leave a financial legacy to his grandkids and it has.  So it seems that one of Jack's heroic characters has won the day yet again.  Only this time the heroic character was...himself.

     Take care and read a (Jack Kirby) comic today!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

FF, Daredevil and Batman

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  Both Fantastic Four as well as Daredevil came out yesterday and let me tell you, these are two great comics from Marvel that you've GOT to start picking up.  In both cases the art is pretty good but the writing is GREAT!

     Now that's my picks over at the House of idea,  but over at DC, do whatever you can to keep up with Batman.  More good writing and art.  But steer clear of Detective Comics, Batman's other title, it's not up to the quality levels of the other Caped Crusader comic.

     And if it's not sold out already, pick up the Weekly Thanos mini-series, and when it's all over, see if you don't think that it's another good one.  Man, the good comics coming out every month are really piling up.

     Take care and adopt a comic (any of the four I just mentioned) book today!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mini-Series and Appearance

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  I'm still trying to plow through that giant collection I got hold of a few weeks back and as I'm sorting I find myself looking through mini- series that go together and I'm stopping every two minutes with, "Hmm, I guess it wouldn't take me THAT long to read this four parter.  Do that more than a few times and nothing gets done all day.  So when assessing a collection, put yourself in a mean mood, ready to ignore the past, your childhood and nostalgia, you'll get books sorted a lot faster, believe me.

     Plus I just wanted to mention that I will be appearing this Saturday (Oct.11) at the Great Lakes Mall Barnes and Noble from Noon till 3pm.  I'll be showing off some of my Star Wars knick knacks on National Star Wars Reader day.  I'll also be telling some behind the scenes movie trivia on the subject and the Star Wars connection to comic books and jack Kirby in particular.  Hope to see you Saturday.

     Take care and adopt a (Star Wars) comic book today.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sorting Comics, Sorting Life

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  As you know, I recently received about 12,000 comic books.  It took a friend of mine and myself, three whole days to go through it all.   First we went through the whole 50 boxes to see what was contained within.  We knew before we bought the collection, but needed to know what each particular box held.

     Then came the "pulling the wheat from the chaff."  Some of the books were worth a little bit of money, but most were headed for the 25cent bin (at best).  Then came putting all the mini-series together and last but not least...What do I want to keep out of this for myself?"

     Of course in the middle of this all, I've had personal appearances, parades that I've been part of and still more coming up.  But for now, check out the next few days worth of blogs and check out my new personal facebook and business face book, the Bystander, E-Comics Gazette, for stuff that I'm doing.

     Take care and adopt a comic book (but not 12,000 all at once) today!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Book Signing and Comics Everywhere

     Hi everyone hope all is well.  Guess what, yes another new book I've written, "Chasers, Inc." is making it's debut this Saturday, the 13th.  This is a new spooky, adventure novel and will makes its breakout at the Author Expo 2014, at the Willoughby Hills Community Center from 11am-3pm.  Located at 35400 Chardon Rd (right off the corner of Rt. 91 and 6), I'll be chatting with everyone who stops by so pick up a new and exciting book, or just stop and say hi.  Hope to see you then.

     Also I still have those dozens of comic boxes I just picked up last week and as soon as my signing is over, I'm going to tell you how to handle a big collection like that. 

     So take care and adopt (one of my new novels) and a comic book today.

Monday, September 8, 2014

12,000 Comics, Whew!

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Just last week, I bought my buddies comic collection.  He did keep several boxes for himself as his core collection, but I got the bulk of it and boy were they a lot of comics, 12,000 in total.

     I had the next door kids carry them into the house for me, then got a friend to transport them to his house where we could go through them and sort, which we did for three straight days.  Even though I had or even have most of them, it was so much fun looking through all of those comics gathered in one central place.  over the next few blogs, I'll be telling you more about how I divided them up.

     Also, I'll be appearing at the Author Expo 2014 located at the Willoughby Hills Community Center, this Saturday, September, 13th from 11am-3pm.  35400 Chardon Road in Willoughby Hills is the address, so look for me as I'm debuting new novel of adventure, Chasers, Inc.

     Take care and adopt a comic book (collection) today.

Friday, August 29, 2014

End of August, New Signings

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  With this recent heat, I've been stuck in the house.  But that leaves me to read a lot of comics and boy did I ever.  I recently picked up some great reprint books on comic strips from the 1940s and 50s, Rip Kirby, Buz Sawyer and Johnny Hazard to name a few.  Great Stuff.

     I also have a few more lectures and book signings going on very soon.  next week, Saturday, Sept. 6th, I'll be at the Totky Memorial Library in Ashtabula from 12 noon-4pm.  I'll be speaking on comics, writing and my career as well as selling and signing some of my books.

     The following week I'll be at the Willoughby Hills community center from 11am-3pm, Saturday, Sept. 13th, selling my new book which will debut  that day, "Chasers, Inc."  It's the tale of a team of supernatural hunters that track down everything mysterious.  It's just the type of book that will go well for an early Halloween.

     Take care and remember to adopt a comic book today.