Friday, April 22, 2016

Bat V Superman...Novel Idea

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  After having almost a month of health problems and figuring out my Dad's estate after his recent passing, (which explains my absence from this blog) I finally had time to see the Batman V Superman movie.

     And in the first half hour the film bored me, in the next thirty, I hated it.  But like all other Zack Snyder films (mostly Watchmen) they are quite condensed, and very much detail laden.  By the halfway point I loved this movie and considered it great.  And the Doomsday tack on part at the end worked because it was secretly part of the plot all (unlike the tack on Two-Face in the 2nd Chris Nolan Bat flic) along.

     It was a good film but I must say that it was more like a novel AS a film than a straight film and I would very much love to read the adaptation to see how the novelization reads, since this film views indeed like a novel reads.  And Affleck is the best Batman since Keaton's first outing.

     Take care and adopt a (thick, novel-like) comic book today!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Supreme Justice and Comics

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Today I've been reflecting on the President's choice for the Supreme Court last week.  As far as I'm concerned, approve the guy already.  I think he's perfect for the job, do you know why?  Because he paid for his college tuition with menial jobs and by selling his COMIC BOOK COLLECTION! 

     And if this man is willing to make that kind of sacrifice for the law, then he is the man for the job.

     Take care and adopt a comic (one with legal stuff in it) book today!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Batman v. Superman/Barnes & Noble

     Hi everyone, hope all is well.  Stop by Mentor Barnes & Noble this Saturday, March 19th 2016 to take part in the Batman/Superman trivia contest.  Starting at Noon and going most of the day, Myself and artist David Russell will be showing off our Superman/Batman collectible collections and signing free autographs of sketches of the two heroes.  The bookstore will also have free giveaways from DC Comics in conjunction with Warner Bros. new movie starting the following week. 

     Trivia events will be at 2pm and 7pm.  Stop by, get free stuff and talk comics with David and myself.

     Take care and adopt a (Batman or Superman) comic book today!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Batman vs. Superman

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Within a couple of weeks, a film containing a Batman/Superman slugfest is coming out nationwide.  And the gist of the film's animosity surrounding the two main character's goes back to the mid and late 80's.  Back then, as DC Comics was re-inventing themselves, the powers that be, figured that two so unlike characters would never be friends, hence, they MUST be enemies.

     But my generation comes from a time when the two of them were not only friends, but shared a book together, one called...World's Finest.  And finest it was, as Superman, Batman and Robin all shared an exciting book filled with aliens, super villains, sorcerers and what nots.

     But after around 30 years, tastes change, so DC made the former friends give one another the cold shoulder.  But it's been another 30 years since then, so I wish the pendulum would swing back the other way and get back on friendly terra firma.  But that's only my wish, my World's Finest wish.

     Take care and adopt a (friendly) comic today!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Sorting Out Comics and Life

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  Well, just a few days after the passing of my Dad (as well as the passing of my Uncle today) I'm trying to keep real busy. 

     So I'm sorting out all of my comics.  Boy do I have a lot of loose comics that need to be placed back in the correct box.  This may be fine, because I'll say aloud to myself as I sort... "Hmm, Dad bought me this one, Dad was with me when I bought this one."  You get the drift.

     I'm just suggesting that next time you go through your box of comics, bring a parent with you, the experience could be a bonding one, and who knows...they may like it!

     Take care and adopt a comic book (and then store it correctly) today!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Family and Comics

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  I love the Fantastic Four comic book, they are fun, tough, they fight great villains and are among other

     Now in my family, my brother was a huge collector as was I.  My sister really didn't seem to care and my Mom hated them.  Luckily, my Dad absolutely LOVED comics and passed that passion along to me and many years down the road I've written millions of words about comics and still have a fair collection of them.

     But my Dad passed away a few days ago and I thank God that the passion was instilled in me over 50 years ago so that I might carry on the mission...of writing, talking about and enjoying comics.  Thanks Dad, I miss you and love what you did for me all those years ago.

     Take care and adopt a comic (with families in them) book today!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Dad's Gone, Pain & Comics Here

     Hello everyone, hope all is well.  This is a blog that I never wished to write, but you see, my Dad and greatest friend died a few days ago.  We were so close that I often said that we were really just the same person with two different birthdays.  His connection to this blog you might ask?  He taught me to read on comics, I inherited his creative spark and without him, this blog and my writing career and love of comics and pop culture would have never taken off.

     I love him so much that I wish that I were with him right now, wherever that might be instead of here.  I know that sounds harsh and that these words puts me in a position of breaking both man and spiritual laws, but I'm so crushed I can feel nothing else right now.

     But the one thing that keeps me from doing something drastic is Dad had some lifelong friends that he introduced me to when I was young.  These friends of his feel just as helpless as I do right now and they need more help than I do.  So I can't join Dad currently.  Instead, I've got to stay behind as much as I loathe to, to care for his helpless friends, orphaned children really, and help them in any way I can.

     These friends, these surrogate children, are named Batman, Blackhawk, Daredevil, Black Hood and Captain America.  He left them in my care, these old, four-color brothers of mine, to take up his task of reading them, turning their pages, keeping them dry and so on, the same way he cared for them throughout his long life.

     So even though I want to, I won't be following Dad along his path anytime soon, instead, I'll stay behind to care for his old friends, wiping tears while keeping them safe and letting them know they are loved...the way he loved them, the way he loved me, the way I still and will always love him.

     Take care, please, and adopt a comic (any comic, I beg you) book today...and hug your parents!